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 Evony Life ...

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Evony Life ... Empty
PostSubject: Evony Life ...   Evony Life ... EmptyWed Jul 22, 2009 9:23 pm

was downloading a psx - iso (since i love retro - games , brings back memories when i was still a teen and single)

was reviewing my programming skills ...

was viewing porn on the net ...

everywhere .... evony this , evony that,

played . bitefight , and other browser games like galaxy watchamacalit,

so i registered ... and was happy to know that no confirmation was needed ... too lazy to open my inbox i guess ...

so i build my cottages and farm ... then didnt open it for 7 days ...

later i opened it ... finished more quests .... had heroes and stuff ... was fun ...

had to complete a quest because of alliance ... joined a 9 membered alliance ...

asakasin raided me ... i pleaded him to stop ... and he did ...

claimed my amulets , freebies package and stuff ...

then i built my expansion , woah , had to alt+tab while playing rf-ph

this game is ADDICTING.

i saw this one guild which requires 25k+ prestige ... joined it ... they welcomed me ... my my , many alliance quest were finished, a big help,

asakasin raided me again ... what a pain.

highbies adviced me to move to bohemia , (im from swabia)

encouraged my friend BLADEZ to join evony ... he's one seat apart from me now laughing ... saying im emo

bunch of resources came , my villagers grew their fat *** ...

progressed in the game further ....

a warm friendly alliance ... thank you so much...

now im under attack for taking a neutral swamp. **** dandandan of ultimata


crap .... but guys keep pouring their resources to me , thank y'all.

closed my gates and started building archer towers.

i'll get back to him somehow.
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Evony Life ... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Evony Life ...   Evony Life ... EmptyWed Jul 22, 2009 11:41 pm

are you by anychance in the alliance MAKETH?

lol@this post
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Evony Life ...
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